In exchange for use of the “software” the “end-user” (or end-users) agree
to all of the following conditions and uses without reservation:

1) “Software” provided “AS-IS”.

2) “Software” has no warranty what so ever (either expressed or implied.)

3) The “end-user” agrees the software is not suitable for any economic use.

4) The “end-user” agrees the “software” will never be used where bodily harm
is a possibility.

5) The “end-user” agrees “software” will never be used where economic
losses or damages might occur.

6) The “end-user” will never seek economic damages or legal retribution from
the “provider” under any legal theory, law, statute or government edict.

7) The “end-user” hold the “provider” harmless for any damages that may occur
as a result of using the “software”.

8) The “end-user” accepts any and all liability resulting from redistribution
(or re-transmission) of “software”.

9) The “end-user” is legally competent to comprehend any and all terms of the

10) The “end-user” accepts any and all risks and liabilities for use of the

11) Any redistribution or re-transmission of the “software” will include this
DISCLAIMER with no omissions or additions.

12) Use of the software does not entitle the “end-user” to use any portion of
the software for use in any form of entertainment venue or public exhibition
venue without the express written permission of “ansi-c.com”.

13) Any “end user” agrees to render economic compensation (including
punitive damages)to “provider” for any breach of contract, including
any and all legal fees.

If the end user does not agree to the above stipulations then the end user
will delete any and all portions of the “software”.

“software” shall be defined as any and all data extracted from “ansi-c.com”
(a.k.a “provider” )no matter what the form or format of the data.

“provider” anyone who owns, or posts data to, or represents “www.ansi-c.com”

“end-user” is anyone who fulfills any of the following conditions:
1)receives data (in any format or any conveyance) from “www.ansi-c.com”

2)receives data (in any format or any conveyance) from anyone working
in conjunction with www.ansi-c.com Examples include
(but not limited to) email, voice data, or visual data, or any data
conveyed by internet.